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Who Are We?

Designed by a wheelchair user!!!

The Access Xpress Wheelchair accessible gym equipment is considered by industry professionals and people with a disability who use mobility devices as the best piece of exercise equipment that allows great versatility for a large number of users.

The concept of a wheelchair accessible home gym is not a new one, but what is new is the fact that able bodied and wheelchair users can use the same gym unit. This is rare to find in wheelchair accessible home gym equipment.

Access Xpress is a trading name owned and operated by Access Solutions National P/L (ASN). ASN was established in 2002 and for further information about the parent company please click here.

We have also been working very closely of late with a personal trainer to establish a fantastic partnership. This partnership will provide educational information on wheelchair based fitness.

We at Access Xpress would recommend that anyone wishing to get an Access Xpress and begin, continue or enhance their physical activity that they do so in partnership with their health professionals.

For people who are covered by an insurance scheme, such as, TAC or WorkCover, the Access Xpress home gym is listed on the approved products list and is in many cases approved. It’s best that a physiotherapy specialist or the like obtains a quote (click here) and then submits this along with all other necessary documentation to the insurance scheme.

If you want further information about the Access Xpress – Wheelchair Accessible fitness equipment please feel free to contact us.

NSW Distributor


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Our Standards

3 things we offer


Provide an excellent piece of equipment that will change the lives of those who use it on a regular basis. e.g. 3 – 4 times a week.


Provide a LIFETIME warranty for all components for in home use. That’s right LIFETIME. Please note this doesn’t include servicing.


Ongoing Support – We are available to be contacted during business hours. If you need questions answered about the gym unit or possible exercise solutions – just ask us.


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